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Don't forget the way to come, know where to go |SDHE 2023 Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Stomatology High-tech Fair Thank you!

Industry news
2023/12/19 15:53
SDHE 2023 Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Stomatology High-tech Fair

Don't forget the way to come, know where to go |SDHE 2023 Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Stomatology High-tech Fair Thank you!

On December 6-8, 2023, the three-day "Shenzhen Asia-Pacific Stomatology High-tech Fair" was successfully concluded in Shenzhen, China.

It is the end of winter, but Shenzhen is still warm and vibrant, and Shenzhen Asia Pacific oral exhibition field is full of talent and unprecedented. According to statistics, the exhibition area of this conference is 30,000 square meters; A total of 18,000 + professional visitors; Gather 600+ quality exhibitors; Set up a main venue, more than 20 sub-venues; More than 150 well-known speech experts at home and abroad were invited.

2023深圳亚太口腔医学高新技术博览会Keynote Forum: Oral Innovation Forum

In the guest speech session, Professor Yu Guangyan, on behalf of the Chinese Dental Association, extended warm congratulations on the grand event, and paid high respect to all walks of life who care for and support the development of China's dental industry and the dental medical staff who work hard in the front line! Professor Cheng Bin, on behalf of Guangdong Provincial Association of Stomatology and the Affiliated Stomatology Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, extended a warm welcome to all the experts and colleagues. He said that he looked forward to working with the people of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, government departments and colleagues to improve the regional oral diagnosis and treatment level and service capacity, protect the oral health of the people, and improve the sense of happiness and gain. Professor Wu Buling, on behalf of the organizing committee of Shenzhen Asia Pacific Dental Exhibition, extended a warm welcome to all the leaders, experts, fellow members of the dental session and representatives of the participating enterprises and manufacturers! He said that the organizing committee sincerely hopes that through this platform, it can promote the scientific and technological progress of stomatology and enhance the influence of Shenzhen in the domestic and international stomatology field.

Academic event SDHE 2023

Keynote Forum: Oral Innovation Forum



At the keynote forum of the conference, Academician Zhang Volunteer focused on "supplementing the shortcomings of clinical norms and research, promoting innovation and improving clinical standards", Academician Wang Songling focused on "Small mouth, Great Health ", Professor Zhou Xuedong on "Oral microbiology and Whole Body health", Professor Han Sung-min on "Digital whole mouth implantation", Professor Okinaga on "Oral flora Balance - Focus on Fusobacterium nuclear and systemic diseases", Professor Wang Lin on the impact of the digital revolution on oral medicine "and other hot oral topics made wonderful speeches.

Keynote speech: Academic feast

The scale of the academic conference, the theme of the sub-forum, the number of well-known oral experts at home and abroad invited, and the number of industry peers registered to participate reached a record high, demonstrating the Shenzhen dental industry's eager anticipation and firm support for the Asia Pacific Dental Exhibition. The conference has set up a number of high-quality and distinctive academic forums, competitions and exhibitions, committed to working with colleagues in the field of stomatology to showcase the latest research results in the field of stomatology to Shenzhen, share advanced technologies, explore future trends, and make greater contributions to promoting the development of stomatology in Shenzhen and the prosperity of stomatology in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area.

Important conference SDHE 2023

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Featured event SDHE 2023

The second "South Cup" oral medicine students clinical skills display


Organized by Shenzhen Clinical College of Stomatology, School of Stomatology, Southern Medical University, this competition has built a platform for exchanges and cooperation between teachers and students of stomatology colleges, showcased the style of stomatology colleges in China, and promoted the common development of stomatology colleges.

The second oral care first aid joint simulation exercise skills display

With the continuous iteration and upgrading of oral medicine technology, improving the clinical operation skills of oral nurses has become a common concern in the industry. This competition, in order to fully demonstrate the professional quality of oral nursing staff, strive to build a dental medical team with advanced theory and excellent skills, in order to encourage the majority of oral nursing staff to promote learning by competition, improve their own specialized skills, and better serve the oral health of the province and even the whole country.

2023 Guangdong Province Stomatologist case Show competition

On the afternoon of December 6th, the 2023 Guangdong Province Stomatologist Case Exhibition final was held during the exhibition. This case competition is divided into four categories: orthodontics, dental implant restoration, dental multidisciplinary treatment, and single-discipline innovative technology. The contestants gathered at Shenzhen Baoan International Convention and Exhibition Center to discuss with each other. The guests came from all over the country. The orthodontic special forum invited professors Bai Xueqin, Ai Hong, Liu Conghua, Duan Peijia and Guo Jing. Professor Chen Zhuofan, Professor Shi Bin, Director Guo Qiuyuan, Dr. Liang Qinye, Professor Jiang Shaoyun and Professor Dai Juan were invited to give comments on the cases.

Private Oral Development "Pearl River Forum" - "Facing the Industry Volume"

On December 7, entering the second day of the exhibition, the "Pearl River Forum on Private Oral Development" - Facing the industry Volume, held by the Southern Dental Union and the Guangdong Private Dental Association, was carried out in the current popular "talk show" way. Break the traditional way of medical forum speech, with a humorous, relaxed and natural tone, to elaborate the face of the industry volume, each person's different mentality. It successfully became one of the most popular oral medical forums on the day, with full seats, applause and laughter.

Oral prevention and the final of the first Oral health education Contest


On December 8, the conference held the "Oral Prevention Special Event and the Final of the First Oral Health Education Popular Science Competition" at the same time, representatives from the oral industry from all over the country gathered together, and shared and discussed how to promote the high-quality development of oral prevention in a playful and interesting way.

China independent oral brand achievement display and 2022 brand award ceremony

With the theme of "National Brand · Digital Intelligence" emerging ", this activity jointly explores the road of oral national brands. Jointly witness the development of Chinese oral enterprises, the rise of oral national brands, promote the upgrading of Chinese brands, encourage the growth of Chinese brands, and let the world understand China and know China!

Interview - Into the national brand


Economic globalization has both opportunities and impacts on the development of national brands. Some national brands are helpless and depressed with the decline of the market, and some cling to the "self" under the impact of foreign capital, and their tenacious growth continues to this day. However, the different circumstances of the development of different national brands so far are worth our exploration and reflection. Enter national brands, listen to them and think with them!

SDHE 2023 Thank you for having you

I look forward to seeing you again in 2024