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2023 Shanghai Orthodontic Master Forum - Orthodontic master and rookie talk about children's tooth malformation early correction" came to a successful end!

Industry news
2023/10/26 13:41

2023 Shanghai Orthodontic Master Forum - Orthodontic master and rookie talk about children's tooth malformation early correction" came to a successful end!

On October 17, the "2023 Shanghai Orthodontic Master Forum - Orthodontic Master and Rookie Talk on Early Treatment of Children's tooth malformation" sponsored by the Stomatology Branch of Shanghai Association of Social Medical Institutions and hosted by Shanghai Boxing Exhibition Co., Ltd. was successfully held at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center.

In recent years, parents' anxiety about appearance has intensified, and the topic of "early childhood correction" has become increasingly hot. However, its indications, complications and clinical technology diagnosis and treatment strategies need to be further demonstrated and standardized by orthodontic experts. This year's Shanghai Orthodontic Masters Forum is focused on this hot topic, inviting six outstanding new and old experts in the field to carry out heated discussions.

The opening ceremony of the Forum, Professor Liu Honghu, Chairman of the conference, delivered a welcome speech; Liu Yuehua, Dean of School of Stomatology, Fudan University, and Professor Lu Haiping, Vice president of Chinese Stomatological Association, delivered a speech.

Professor Li Juan, Department of Orthodontics, West China Stomatology Hospital, delivered a lecture on Airway, growth pattern, hyoid position and cervical spine Posture that must be Concerned in early treatment. The lecture comprehensively and thoroughly discussed the influence of airway abnormalities on the growth and development of craniofacial soft and hard tissues and the pathological mechanism of malocclusion, thus providing theoretical support for early clinical treatment and intervention.

Professor Fang Bing, director of the Orthodontic Department of the Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine and president-elect of the Orthodontic Special Committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association, from the perspective of cranio-maxillofacial growth and development law, vertical growth control, etc., put forward the concept of early correction plan must be considered from the overall perspective and the whole process. The standardized clinical strategy for early correction of children and adolescents is proposed.

Professor Lu Haiping, vice president of the Chinese Stomatological Association, put forward that early correction for children is a "moving target", and comprehensive correction in adolescence is a "fixed target", and children's early correction has higher requirements for doctors' global thinking, growth and development knowledge and clinical technology.

Through a large number of evidence-based medical studies, Dr. Li Yuan, Department of Orthodontics/Pediatric Stomatology, School of Stomatology, Shanghai Stomatology Hospital and Fudan University, found that for mild children with OSA, the use of simple orthodontic treatment, simple adenoidectomy and orthodontic treatment combined with adenoidectomy, the three groups of treatment are effective in improving ventilation function. In particular, for patients with mild to moderate class II adenoid hypertrophy and OSA aged 7-10 years, maxillary arch expansion combined with mandibular precursor TB treatment can achieve better ventilation function improvement than simple surgical resection of adenoids, thus providing guidance for orthodontics to adopt multidisciplinary combined treatment and sequential treatment for OSA patients.

Dr. Ning Zhao, Department of Orthodontics, Ninth People's Hospital Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, reviewed the etiological mechanism of children's Type III error , and shared with the students the early treatment strategies, indications, treatment opportunities and treatment means of different etiological mechanisms and different types of Dibaotian.

Finally, Dean Liu Yuehua of the School of Stomatology of Fudan University made a wonderful speech and made an academic summary: Early treatment is not the earlier the better, childhood periodontal, root, joint are in the critical and sensitive development period, early treatment to grasp the indications, to have a solid knowledge of growth and development and general health perspective to escort the treatment of orthodontics, orthodontists consider not only the dimensions of teeth, craniofacial jaw, as well as general health.

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